What is Testing?

In order to earn your next rank, your progress in skills and Knowledge must be determined by a certified ATA Taekwondo Academy examiner in front of witnesses. At the exam, all the past hours of intense effort, training and perseverance are rolled up into one demonstration of what you have accomplished so far. In addition, the promotional exam process builds self-confidence through expressing oneself with maximum effort. Exam preparation teaches you to set and reach goals- a valuable skill in your everyday life.


What if I have enough practice hours/classes?

If you anticipate that you will not be able to meet the class requirements by normal testing, there are several means for your increasing your practice hours in order to be prepared and test successfully. If you come to the dojang and work out before and/or after your class for 30minutes, you can earn a practice/class credit. Another way to assist your test preparation is through private lesson. Private Lesson are 30 minutes for both adult and children and may accommodate< up to students. Because of intensified instruction content of Private Lesson, they are equivalent of 3 classes.


What if I cannot take the normal test or cannot meet the testing requirements?

If, for some reason, your schedule make it impossible to fulfill the test requirements by the normal test, then there are make-up tests. These can give you the extra week or two that you need to prepare. The Make-up test are determined by your instructor. You must have permission from Master Cho and note "make-up test" on your application form upon submission.


How do I know If I pass my test?

If you pass your exam, then your test paper will be available at the dojang the following week. We encourage all students to review their test papers. They will provide feedback on your strengths and also specify areas you can improve on as your progress towards black belt. Don't worry if you do not pass part of your exam. You will be notified the following week, and there are two make-up exams at which you can reexam only on the positions you failed.

  • The Difference Between Tae Kwon Do and Karate

    What is TAEKWONDO?
    It is a form of a Korean martial art and a combat sport.

    It started in Korea, approximately 2000 years ago, during the period of 37 BC - 668 AD, with the influence of three rival Korean kingdoms of Goguryeo, Silla and Baekje. Over the years, it has evolved and become systematic

    Tae means to destroy with the feet; Kwon means to strike or smash with the hand; and do means "path" or "way". Hence, taekwondo can be translated as "the way of the foot and fist".

    Country of Origin : Korea

    Common title for instructor : SA BUM NIM

    Olympic event : YES

  • The Difference Between Karate and Tae Kwon Do

    What is KARATE?
    Karate is a form of unarmed Japanese martial art developed from fighting methods from the Ryūkyū Islands, what is now Okinawa, Japan.

    According to legend, the evolution of karate began in 5th Century CE when Bodhidharma (Indian Buddhist monk) arrived in Shaolin-si (small forest temple). From there it appeared in Okinawa, a Japanese Island.

    The meaning of the word karate is "empty hands." It refers to the fact that Karate originated as a system of self-defense which relied on the effective use of the unarmed body of the practitioner.

    Country of Origin : Japan

    Common title for instructor : SENSEI

    Olympic event : NO