USAT (USA taekwondo)

Hello everyone, 

Our taekwondo gym is a member of USAT (USA taekwondo) which is the United State's official member national association of the World Taekwondo Federation. 
Only the members of USAT can go to the WTF's officially recognized national, international, and Olympic taekwondo competitions or championships.
(Only WTF's official approval competitions or championships are credited for the scholarship and scout offer from a university)
All color belts students can be the member of USAT as the student of master Cho's taekwondo Bellevue. 
If you like to be a member of USAT, please visit the website

Master Cho had been a Korean taekwondo sparing champion for 13years and 3 years champion at Korea Military.

Since you are a member of USAT as any color belt and black belt, you are able to attend all USAT events that you may see on the web site. Our gym would not ask students to go every single event but the student can apply all events: competitions, judging seminars etc.

Be challenged yourself!


Master Cho's tkd